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Pull Bar Bushings
Part #425 - PBAR Soft
Intermediate Soft
Intermediate Hard

We designed our own 5" x 3" diameter, pull bar bushing utilizing a proprietary rubber that grabs more traction than any other bushing on the market. Our bushing is available in 5 different rates ranging from soft to hard. Our bushings can be used in our pull bar (425-pbar-assy) or fits a variety of other brands on the market. These bushings offer finite tune-ability especially when used with our pull bar assembly.  

The rates for the different bushings are as follows (@1"+/- approx.):
Soft                         1225
Intermediate Soft   1300
Medium                   1350
Intermediate Hard 1450
Hard                        1600
All multi-durometer bushings sell for $101.50
425-PBAR-HARD is $98.00

The following are some very important guidelines that will help with the results you have with our pull bar bushings.

Click Here to view the Pull Bar Bushing Package Instructions (.pdf file)

Helpful Hints when selecting the appropriate bushing.
- Bushing choice typically comes down to driver preference.
- If driver prefers a quicker response and firmer feel go with the higher rates.
- If driver prefers a softer/spongier feel especially in ultra slick situations go with the softest rates.
- We have very successful racers running extreme slick conditions with bushings from both ends of the rate spectrum.  Simply put they all grab traction it just comes down to driver feel.  If you are still having a hard time deciding, we recommend starting with a Medium to Intermediate Hard bushing.
Part #425-PBAR-ASSY
Soft Intermediate
Intermediate Hard

Part #425-PBAR-ASSY
No Big Bushing
1 Our pull bar assembly is no frills no bs just legit traction! Its simple, lightweight, and bullet proof.  We separate the deceleration bushing from the acceleration bushing for optimum and repeatable pre-load tuning of the traction grabbing bushing.

Pull bar assembly with bushing of choice sells for $370.00 (as shown)

425-PBAR-ASSY-No Big Bushing: $285.00
Hood Scoops
Part #425 - SAIR Black/White
This is a simple hood scoop/rock/debris deflector that is wildly popular among top level USMTS modified racers as well as WoO latemodel regulars like Morgan Bagley. The part is made out of high impact .125" thick plastic, is approximately 4" tall, and is available in black or white. This part sells for $28.25
Part # 425 - Air Scoop Black/White
This is a more conventional lightweight hood scoop made of high impact .125" thick plastic, is approximately 5" tall, and is available in black and white.

This Air Scoop sells for $31.85.
Wheel Covers
Part# 425 -VAERO

Part #425-VBASS

Part #425-VREAL
These covers are made of aircraft grade .062" thick aluminum. Each part fits specifically the brand of beadlock as listed in the part number. These covers are near bullet proof and have been tough tested for years by the likes of Brian Birkhofer, Steve Francis, and more. They are available in 4 anodized colors including Black, Blue, Purple, and Red and also available with 3 punch & flaired holes for cooler tire temps in rubbered up race track situations.

Price for each of these: $27.99
Price for these with the "-AIR" (cooling holes): $29.40
Part #425-1041 Black/blue/purple/red 1
These covers are also available and fit all non-beadlock wheels with the use of our 425-1040 aluminum mounting ring.

These non-lock covers are the same price as the beadlock covers.

Price for each of these: $27.99
Price for these with the "-AIR" (cooling holes): $29.40
Part #425-1040

Part #425-1050
The 425-1040 aluminum mounting ring is designed to expand into the bead groove on non lock wheels for mounting the 425-1041 aluminum mud covers.  

The 425-1040 mounting ring sells for $30.80.

The 425-1050 aluminum mount ring sells for $30.80.
Part# 425-0500
Black/White Cover
This high impact plastic cover is the one that started it all in terms of plastic popularity. The 0500 cover fits most all beadlock wheels as well as non-lock wheels when used in conjunction with our #425-1050 aluminum mounting ring. The 0500 cover is available in black and white only and is made of a proprietary plastic that exceeds the durability of all other brands. This cover fits out over the beadlock bolts and acts to protect the integrity of your beadlock ring and bolts.

The 425-0500 sells for $28.35.
Part #425-0500 - AIR
Black/White Cover
This high impact plastic cover includes all of the great features of the 425-0500, and also includes air cooling holes.

The 425-0500-AIR-Black/white cover sells for $29.76.
Part #425 - DTRAY
425-DTRAY is a "catch all" work tray that is handy for many situations.  Alot of racers like it to lay on the deck of their car while doing maintenance or motor swaps.  It has 5 separate divided areas that are handy for bolt and nut placement as well as wrenches.  The tray is made of durable plastic and easy to keep clean.  Some racers like to mount them to their pit carts for easy access to their frequently used items while at the track.

The DTRAY sells for $26.25