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>> Welcome to Brass Monkey Racing Products <<

Brassmonkey Racing Products Mission Statement
Brassmonkey Racing Products LLC strives to manufacture quality racing products that meet the needs of winning racers at a cost effective price.

We manufacture a diverse line of racing products from both aluminum and plastic parts to urethane bushings.

We test or products on our own house car that is maintained in house and rely heavily on testing from top level race teams across the country.

Owned by J. Shawn Brassfield
Shawn was born in 1967, had his first dirt bike when he was four years old and was laying friends down behind a ramp and jumping them by age 6!

He raced motorcross as a kid up until about age 12 when the reality of being a chubby kid on a motorcross bike wasn’t working out. He has always continued to ride at varying amounts over the years and began helping local dirt car racers before he was 16. Shawn’s need for speed was revitalized and the stage was set that when finances afforded there would be a dirt car in his future. <<Read More>>